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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  February 25, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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going out. we don't have wind or serious weather that would be causing power outages. we have scattered outages, we will have a powerful storm system, we saw the video, what it was doing in parts of the midwest. that same system is coming our way. it is like a severe weather severe storm-like system. no tornadoes or things like that, but high winds, as we will have a cold front coming through here by late this morning into early this afternoon, and we may have scattered outage, be prepared for that right now, things are calm, drizzle is falling, and it is on the chilly side. we are above freezing throughout the region. in the mid 40s in washington, prince george's county, arlington, fairfax counties, to the north, it is in the mid 30s in northern loudoun county, and
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shenandoah valley. we do have mild air from the south, and before that front arrive, we will have winds increasing, high wind warning. all the counties in color, this includes most of virginia, eastern west virginia and practically all of the district of columbia, gusts of nearly 60, that would bring down tree branchs, topple trees, cause power outages. they will be their stringest early this afternoon. the storm system is spreading rain. there is heavier rains into west virginia, that should be arrived here around eight or 9:00, maybe a bit of thunder and lightning, in the 50s by then. it may soar into the mid 60s by late morning, to noon time. turning colder. how much colder will it get?
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the night planner at 4:41. >> how is traffic 12346r7b8g9s it will be a wet, potentially slick one this afternoon. northern virginia, i-95 corridor, plenty of rain spray, and reduced visibility. continuing up to springfield. the good news, no accidents or incidents reported. there is the inner loop, the outer loop. these folks coming down the 270 spur on the outer loop toward river road and the american legion bridge. prince george's county, an accident closing down branch avenue, off the capital beltway. we will keep you updated on that route 4 to 295 f that works for you. joe. >> thank you. >> 4:32, we are following breaking news out of wisconsin,
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the state general assembly passed a bill to strip collective bargaining rights. democrats tried to stall the vote by offers a dozen amendments and a filibuster. the they opposed the plan to close the short fall. governor walker is not expected to come to washington for the annual meeting of the national governor's soerk, that meeting starts tomorrow. today, president obama will be meeting with governors for a dozen states and the american somoa. job creation will dominate the conversation. >> republicans have demanded the cuts to help prevent a federal
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shutdown as of march 4th. among the protential reductions, funding for earmark projects that have already been approved. cuts proposed by president obama, including the elimination of a program for a jet fighter. as libya moves closer to civil war, at least 300 are dead in that city alone. in the mideast, iraq has seen protests, the prime minister
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warns that they are targets of terrorist groups plans to attack them with suicide bombs. the tankers were taking fuel to nato forces in afghanistan. 15 militants armed with rockets and guns caused a massive fire. militants often target supply targets, and in recent years, destroyed hundreds of vehicles. a hearing took place for detained american raymond davis, the cia contractor is accused of killing two pakistani men. he claims the men were trying to rob him. the attorneys went over legal documents and evidence that will be presented in his trial. another hearing is scheduled for march 3rd. pakistani courts are scheduled
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to take up the issue. >> and the student from saudi arabia accused of plotting a bomb attack is due in court today. he was arrested on wednesday. he bought explosive materials online to hide inside dolls and baby carrages. he was looking at plans. >> a highly paid aid was fired after the mayor defended him and his hiring. and jackie benson explains. >> let me go without respect and without dignity. >> now, former $110,000 a year government employee, brown
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became emotional. >> if i wasn't a good fit, the mayor wouldn't have sent me there in the first place. >> d.c. mayor>i vincent gray fod himself being asked why brown was fired in the office of finance. >> i stand behind his leadership, whatever decisions he has made. >> there were audible gasps, when brown back in the building sat down among reporters and started taking questions. he claims his firing was prompt ed, his arrest in 1995 on an unlawful entry charge. >> i was railroad by a campus
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police officer at howard university. >> he claims that david catannia threatened to derail the confirmation of brown's boss until he was fired. >> i think that accusation is ridiculous. confirmations happen by operations of law. people are confirmed unless there is a resolution to disapprove it. >> brown is not relaced to kwame brown, in the news for leases for luxury vehicles. jackie benson, news 4, today. >> why almost all of it is abortion clinics in virginia may be forced to shut down. >> apparently, he went too far. charlie sheen's sitcom, shut down. what he said about the show, alcoholics anonymous
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time for weather and traffic on the 1s, i am meteorologist tom kierein. we have ray chilly start. patchy fog around the region. 40s around virginia and maryland. 30, 30 miles northwest of washington, in the mid 30s this morning. we are in the low to mid 40s in the nearby suburbs. all these counties in color are
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under a wind advisory and high wind warnings. it includes all the counties, most of northern virginia, the district of columbia, and 60 miles an hour between 11:00 this morning and 7:00 this evening. we have a front pushing rain into the mountains, up into pennsylvania. right now, light rain. this rain could intensify as it comes our way. maybe with thunder and lightning through mid day. clear out this afternoon, fall to perhaps the low to mid 60s, into the 40s by late afternoon. winds gusting to 60 miles per hour. and cold, down to the 30s by late evening. and 20s by dawn on saturday. a look at the weekend. we will talk about that coming up, as well as a look into next week, at 4:51. >> certainly going to need more braking distance, the good news,
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no major hang ups this morning. inner loop, connecticut avenue, and traveling both directions, between the belt and the american legion bridge. good news there. volume in manassas, and still to come, why the government's decision on a contract is devastating news for the gulf coast. >> and what they are doing too keep kids from riding the train late at night.
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welcome back, at 4:45, a
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community landmark torn down without notice, remembered in northern virginia tonight. crews demolished the graffiti house. for three decades, the kids painted it. students and the alumni will hold a candlelight vigil where it stood tonight at 7:00. >> the growing bed bug program. a forum will be held 8:30 this morning to 4:00 this afternoon in the park west lions club. local experts will be on hand to talk about the biology of bed bugs, how to prevent them in public facilities. >> boeing has been awarded a $35
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billion aircraft to build the next generation of air refuelling tankers. it was welcomed news to washington state and kansas, where much of the work on the tanker will be done. it was a major disappointment for the gulf coast. had it been rewarded to the arnattic space company, it would be done in alabama, where people need work after the disaster. >> 61 year-old annen gross was arrested and accused of being a u.s. spy. cuba prosecutors say the trial will begin on march 4th, they are seeking a 20-year prison term. his family said he was distributing when he was arrested. >> and if the bill passes the
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house, it will head to the governor's office, he vowed to sign it into law. maryland would be the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage. the senate approved a bill to allow will board of health to govern the clinics. they warn as many as 17 of the 21 clinics would have to close. governor mcdonald said he will sign the bill into law when it reaches his desk. >> i think it is fair that all out-patient clinics should be regulated in the same way. this bill will do that>> it is a sad day for women in virginia. this bill, which has absolutely nothing to do with health or safety of women, will nearly
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drive up the cost of abortion care for women and curtail access. >> abortion groups are promising a fight, and may mount a legal challenge once it becomes law. it appears that charlie sheen's some would say outlandish behavior, a phone call to a radio show, he had a rant against alcoholics anonymous, calling it a cult, and he saved most of it for chuck laurie, the show producer, calling him an athnick slur and challenging him to a fight. he said he alone made that show great. all eyes on hollywood for the academy awards. who could walk away with oscar
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gold. >> the best picture nominees are 2010 are. >> two films have separated themselves from the pack during award season. >> the "king's speech." >> the social network." >> the drama about the founding of facebook had early momentum. rounding up critic awards. >> the stammering royal who became a king has come on strong, leading the way with 12 nominations. >> it say period piece. it has all the element that is tend to lead to best picture. >> colin firth, considered a lock for best actor. >> the most locked up race. >> natalie portman's performance in "black swan" has the nod.
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>> no such surprise is expected in the supporting actor race. >> christian bale. >> he is so immersed in the character, there is just no way people could ignore him. >> melissa leo was dominating the best supporting actress race. a couple offads may have rubbed the voters the wrong way. >> it did hurt her, but she will win. >> it could be haley seinfeld from "true grit." >> adding to suspense on election night. >> you have done well with those movies. you have seen a bunch. i have only seen three. >> a lot of good movies. >> the "king's speech."
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>> top on my list. >> the fighter." >> "inception." >> bingo. i saw that. >> a wild, whacky weather day. >> pay close attention to the forecast. as the morning progresses. we will have some very strong winds developing. right now, a calm start on this friday morning. you don't have travel problems other than patchy fog in rural areas, we do have a high wind warning, in effect from late this morning, all the way until early this evening. the peak of the wins will likely be noon 2:00, until 4:00, likely gusts of 60 miles an hour. northern virginia, the district, practically all of maryland and the eastern shore. it will be along a very powerful cold front coming through. right now, it is damp and chill e in the low to mid 40s in
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northern virginia, fairfax, montgomery county, and cooler by the bay. it is in the 30s to the north and panhandle of virginia and maryland. light rain, now, we have this other line moving into the moups. not a lot of rain from t not much flooding from this, it will give us strong winds by later this afternoon. fog there in washington, by 9:00, the rain gngs to move on through it. light to moderate rain from time to time.4 thunder and lightning, and a very small chance for an isolated thunderstorm late in the morning that might produce damaging winds. the big story, after the rain ends, past noon time, the winds gusting to 60 miles per hour this afternoon. before that we may touch areas south of washington, right around washington, in the 50s, falling down into the 30s by later this evening. by dawn on saturday, in the 20s.
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a big change coming in. saturday, a mostly cloudy day, highs in the 40s, should make it into the 50s on sunday. a shower late sunday afternoon and evening. a greater chance of showers and wind on monday, and make it into the low to mid 60s. chilly, dry weather, as we get into march. >> northeast washington, quiet start. along kenilworth, ralong i-270, to germantown, no hang ups to report. and downtown, 395, 14th street bridge doing okay. overnight electrical work, it looks like everything is moving along nicely, and a consumer alert for toyota.
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recalling another two million, accelerator pedals could get caught in floor mats. this includes recent year forerunners and rav 4s, this recall adds to another 14 million recalls since 2009. >> 4:55. a former hoya will be playing on the east coast. trading jeff green to the celtics, green was born in prince george's county, and went to northwestern high school, he went to georgetown, part of the 2007 run. >> coming up, which d.c. pizza joint named one of the best in the country. >> and the royal couple getting romantic. how they are taking a stroll
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down memory lane. >>
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4:58 is our time. d.c. is now considering a limit on free student metro pass toss curb crime. authorities say younger riders have been responsible for fights. it may implement new passes that
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you youth. they told the newspaper, the plan could help the transit agent save money. >> a sweet way to end the week. georgetown cupcake, celebrating d.c. cup cakes, everyone who visits the store will get a free cup cake, one per customer. expect to wait in line. >> a local pizza place, getting recognition. it it was name d one of the bes in the country. it follows strict italian ingredients. >> it is some of the best


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